Cancer Insurance Plan

Cancer Insurance Plan: In India as well in world, Cancer is deadliest critical illness. Cancer is a disease involving uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. There is no specific criteria, on the basis of that, we can predict the possibilities that who will be the next cancer patient. Anybody can be cancer patient of any age group, we have more than thousands of examples where we can’t aspect that he/she can be a cancer patient, there can also be a child or an old person.

If cancer strike somebody, it ruins all savings as well as assets of the family of that person for treatment of it. Mostly, people gave up their hope in front of cancer, because of the insufficient money with them, and could not take proper treatment and went to mouth of death.

Cancer is not associated with any social class, it can target to high society person, middle society person or even to economically weaker society person. So, it will be dangerous to think that I can’t be effected by cancer, it can target to any person.

Prepare yourself and your family members against the expenses due to of Cancer. It’s risk cover for your family against the world’s largest critical illness. In India as per World Health Organisation, every person out of seven people is suffering with cancer. We can’t predict who will be next, but can anyone, so be financial ready to fight with it.

There many insurance companies offer cancer cover, choose the best plan and cover yourself along with your family.

Entry Age – 25 to 65 years

Coverage – till 75 years

Sum-Assured – Rs 50 Lakhs

On the diagnose of Entry Stage Cancer or Carcinoma in situ (CIS), Insurer offer 20% of sum assured and life time waiver of policy, you can take 20% of sum assured for five times for same for different organs’ cancer.

On the diagnose of Major Stage Cancer, companies offer 100% of sum assured (80% in case insured paid 20% at Entry Stage) to insured and offer 5 year income as 10% of Sum-Assured per year.

Insurer also offer 20% to 40% of  sum-assured on diagnose of next stage of cancer for treatment.

Here policy waiting period for new policy can be 180 days, and survival period can be 7 days for Major Stage.

This kind of policy offered by Life Insurance Companies and treated as Protection Plans, it’s non-participating plan. You will get benefits of Income Tax Act under section 80c and under section 10(10D) in these kind of policies.

Amit Saxena

Financial & Insurance Consultant
MaxLife Insurance Co Ltd & MaxBupa Health Insurance

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