Insurance and People

Insurance and People.

Unfortunately, in India, around 99% people run away by listening the word INSURANCE, while insurance is not a ghost or money eater tool. Percentage of insured person in our country is only 5%, who are completely covered as per their human life value.

We all purchase motor insurance immediately after buying the vehicle, WHY !!!!???

Can you answer it !!!!!

Right, your are afraid of the following…..

  1. Challan by Traffic Police.
  2. Highly expensive, if repair bill paid by pocket instead of insurance claim.

I have another question for you;
when child born, when you start earning, when you got married, when your responsibilities get increased towards your family, and you actually know that no body can fulfill the needs as you are fulfilling for your family, thenafter you not take insurance, WHY !!!???

As you are not afraid of any Challan by any Governing Body. 

We think about only the things which we purchased, but never thought about the person, who is only able to afford that things in a family. Dear, change your mindset towards the Insurance, and buy right/complete cover of yourself, if you really care about your family after you. It difficult to assume family without us, but its universal truth that every will die who has born at the earth, nothing is forever. No body know the date and time of hard luck.

Do’s & Don’t for Insurance:-

  1. Analysis the need of yourself, before buying a policy. Otherwise, you will feel burden to continue it.
  2. Keep updated your Insurer about the change in your contact details.
  3. If you are suffering with any disease at time of purchasing the policy, disclose that, it will help to process the claim in case of death due to of that particular disease, otherwise insurer has right to decline the death claim.
  4. Pay your premium before due dates.
  5. Read Policy documents carefully after purchasing the policy, if any suspicious found, immediately contact customer care for detail, if not satisfied, you have right to cancel your policy within 30 Days from the date of purchase (Free Lookup Period), your entire premium will be returned, within the stipulated time, after deducting the Stamp Duty by insurer.

Amit Saxena

Financial & Insurance Consultant
MaxLife Insurance Co Ltd & MaxBupa Health Insurance

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