Life Insurance Importance

Life Insurance is valuable for the dependents.

People don’t realize the importance of the life insurance, but in his/her absence, his/her dependents really realized the importance of life insurance when they receive the claim money from insurance companies.

In the real life, people say to the victim’s dependents, “when you need help, inform us” and go back to their houses, and never ask again the same words to them. And in-actual nobody can fulfill the financial needs of any family, only insurance cover can fulfill it.

Sometimes, if we got face to face with Insurance Adviser, then our first reply to him that we don’t need insurance cover, and it’s the universal truth that We (the bread-earner) not really require insurance for himself, but the requirement to his family, his dependents in case of mishap with bread-earner.

Life insurance not sell only policy/plan to people, instead it sell and insure the School Fee of your child(ren), balloons for your child(ren), maintain the standard of living of your dependents, fulfill the financial duties of you towards the child(ren) and your family in absence of you.

I had always a question in my mind,”why we purchased umbrella?

and answer was to protect ourselves from the unforeseen rain.

Another question in my mind,”Why we take stepney in our vehicles?” and the answer was same as above to reduce the bother during the driving due to puncture.

We get ready to protect ourselves from rain with umbrella, and with stepney during driving,  then why not we protect our life for our dependents which is most precious.


Amit Saxena

Financial & Insurance Consultant
MaxLife Insurance Co Ltd & MaxBupa Health Insurance

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