Why we need insurance policy

People are saving money for their future goals,

Savings do not happen in a day or in a month, it takes YEARS…..

Life is very UNCERTAIN and UNPREDICTABLE; Mishaps are a universal truth and part of life, but it is possible to measure to reduce the impact of risks and prepare financially by risk coverage.

 In financial market, such financial securities are there with option of savings and investment, but it gives back our own money with some returns.

In risk coverage, insurance is a helping tool designed to reduce the monetary impact of uncertainty and provides financial security as per the policy bond.

Insurance is a concept of pool managed by a large number of members to provide financial security to the victim of uncertainty. And for the huge amount everyone has to contribute little amount in form of premium.

When mishap happens, it spoils all FUTURE PLANINGS because it bread earner no more.

Dependents are not that much FINANCIALLY/PROFESSIONALLY STRONG to maintain the life-style as it was…..

People also end up BORROWING money from others….

Doctor Saves Life and I insure your Family’s Life Style after you……

Tag Line: Insurance doesn’t make people RICH, but insures your beloved family will never go through financial crisis after you.

Amit Saxena

Financial & Insurance Consultant
MaxLife Insurance Co Ltd & MaxBupa Health Insurance

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